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Why Buy Commercial Property?

1. Economy and interest rates

Interest rates are still relatively low, and individuals and business owners are in a great position to purchase commercial property. After some record gains in the stock market since 2016, more people have the access to capital for a down payment. Purchasing commercial property is an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio.

2. Appreciating assets and locked-in costs

With the improving economy, landlords will be looking for new rental rates, and they aren't going down. When you purchase your commercial property for your business, you can lock in your monthly loan payment for years, even decades. Once you have purchased your commercial property, you can then reap the benefits of appreciation, particularly if you take a long-haul approach. There are no guarantees, but real estate is often a great long-term investment.

Buying a commercial building instead of renting is an incredible option for many individuals and small business owners alike. It can save money, create wealth and add to an entrepreneur's ongoing success.

3. Favorable tax treatment 

When buying commercial property, you also secure some tax benefits. Interest, depreciation and amortization expense, and some non-mortgage expenses can be deducted from your return.


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